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Prof. Dr. Madan Thangavelu, Cambridge University

"All of you have worked so hard to prepare a very important platform for the world.

Looking forward to advancing this activity and drawing more to this platform.

I have enjoyed the presentations today and was deeply touched by all the contributions today - from Amarjeet’s and all the way to the wonderful presentation on Autopathy by Jiri Cehovsky, the presentation on Bach remedies, Katharina’s on vegan foods and all of them.

What you have organised in Prague, The Prague Platform, is so wonderful and is being appreciated by so many.

Isabelle and I have been discussing about ways to draw in more people and also what you might be planning for keeping this amazing spirit alive forever! Thanks to the City of Prague for their support and encouragement and sorry that we could all not be together in Prague.

Looking forward with great excitement to shaping further “The Prague Platform” and growing this bolder and stronger for the future of all of humanity.

Congratulations for this wonderful event! So much work - my respects to all of you for all the work."

Dr. Geetha Gopalakrishna, BAMS, MD, TCIM Unit, WHO

"Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful conference, which is very important during the time, the World Health Congress 2021 Prague. I would specifically like to thank Tomas Pfeiffer for having met me several times during the course of past 3 years in different parts of Europe as well as in Geneva, and having discussed with me thoroughly many of the programs which he has implemented in the past one year, and I am also thankful to him for having kept me in the loop about the Platform 2020 Prague, which is the most important activity, and I am very happy that it is being launched today.

  Everything that is included in the Platform 2020 Prague is very much aligned to the strategic objectives of World Health Organization, and that is why this particular meeting has become more important. I thank the organizers for having strategically created this Platform, which covers almost everything that is thinkable under the umbrella of traditional medicine, or its development and its future goals.

I think this is a well thought out Platform, and it is very essential that we have this kind of a Platform available to the community as well as to the entire globe at this particular moment, I thank once again the organizers for having done this.

Another area WHO had found, which also finds space in the current Platform, which Dr. Tomas Pfeiffer and his colleagues have put together, is the area of communication, and how different traditional medicines could communicate with each of them within the traditional medicine itself across a global community, and with the modern medical community.

I am once again thankful to Tomas for having invited me here, it has been an excellent opportunity for me to explain about what WHO is doing, and I am once again more so happy because I have been able to see all my friends here, once again thank you very much for inviting me here, thanks."

Dr. rer. nat. Katharina C. Wirnitzer

"It was a big honour to me to be part of this renowned line-up and of this inspiring Congress. I feel deeply, deeply connected to the spirit of this Congress because it was such a warm and on the other hand so high-qualitative presentation and contributions. Congrats to a very successful congress, and a wonderful closing talk!"

Bhaswati Bhattacharya, MPH, MD, PhD

"Thank you for the great opportunity to serve the World Health Congress.
Of course, I enjoyed the entire program on Friday 10 September, and also as audience on 11 September. The presentations had very useful information, and was generally well-presented."

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani - Additional Administrative Head, Brahma Kumaris London, United Kingdom

"Thank you for your kind email and the Certificate of Participation but most of all thank you for the opportunity of presenting at the World Health Congress 2021. The Congress and the whole 3D virtual interface was extremely well organised and I'm sure was well received by a large number and a wide variety of people.

Congratulations to you and the whole team who I know have put a huge amount of thought and work into making it a success."

Prof. Bruno Renzi, Prof. Rehabilitation Psychiatry University of Milan, Italy

"Thank you so much, I was very happy to attend the congress and I wish to congratulate you on this very important initiative."

Stephan Hein flowers

"Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring event last weekend.
I had the idea to hand you these flowers at the end of the event. But too late.
So I email them to you"

Jesper Odde Madsen

"Thank you for an inspiring event! Many good people there…"

Maria Georgopoulou, ND, Hellenic Association of Flower Essences, Greece

"Thank you dear Thomas and dear all for the wonderful congress and for the opportunity you gave me for speaking for flower essences... very soon I will have an article we can post on platform.
Many blessings to everything you do!"

Jen YF Low, Bang Pa-in, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya, Thailand

"Thank you so much for everything! I enjoyed the extraordinary 3D conference platform and proceedings.
More than nice experience, very impressed by the efficient and excellent preparation from start to finish.
You have created an extraordinary 3D conference experience that every event organiser could adopt.
Special mention of thanks to Tomas Pfeiffer for overall leadership and encourage you to expand conference offerings. Wish you all the best for the global database and management."

Dr. Suryanarayana Mudadla, SJG Ayurvedic Medical College and hospital, Koppal, Karnataka, India

"I must appreciate your efforts for creating such a huge platform for the development of Ayurveda and I ALSO am very grateful to organizers for giving me this opportunity to share my little knowledge as paper presenter on 12th September 2021 on this great platform."

"Once again we express our sincere gratitude for providing us such a wonderful platform for the presentation. We are thankful to all the officials and authorities, to Thomas Sir and all the technical staff too."

"I express my sincere gratitude towards (Institute for) TCIM/CAM or providing me such an ever cherishing opportunity to present a paper before the scientific World in a great platform."


"With kind regards and heartfelt thanks I acknowledge the learning we received from this virtual congress 2021."

Dr. Shweta Mishra, Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences

"Congratulations for the great congress!"

Martin Rickinger, International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation

"Thank you for the opportunity given to be a part of this wonderful virtual event. It was the first ever virtual 3d conference I had seen.
Wishing to be a part of such events in future days too."

Dr. Radhika Injamuri, Assistant Professor, S.J.G. Ayurvedic Medical college

"I come to congratulate you, and your team, for the excellent Congress that you carried out this weekend.
For the perfection of the entire presentation, I calculate the work you have given...

Amandio Figueiredo, Director of the Department of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy at FPY – UP