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Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz, USA

Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz - USA

Author, teacher and public speaker on Specialized Kinesiology

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Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz

Author, teacher and public speaker on Specialized Kinesiology

Degrees in Montessori and Elementary Ed.

DOB: March 21, 1943

1972-Received Masters of Education degree from Trenton State / NJ University now)

1981-1983-received preschool and elementary degrees in Montessori Education

1986-2017-studied and taught Specialized Kinesiology

1988-awarded a diploma as a Wellness Facilitator for Three in One Concepts

1990-established Carol Ann Hontz, International, Inc.

1991-1999-taught doctors Specialized Kinesiology in Moscow, Russia ( lectured: University of Moscow & Education Department in Russian Parliament)

1992-2017-taught over 16,000 specialized kinesiology students in Europe (The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Portugal) USA and Canada

1993-Teacher of the Year award from Trenton State College (University of New Jersey)

1994-founded the Foundation for Integrated Education to support Montessori Preschools and specialized kinesiology in Hungary

1995-2000-lectured for Prague City Council, Charles University, Montessori Conferences

1990, 1994, 2009-authored and published three books: “Infinite Potential”, “Inner Treasures”, “Goodbye Stress, Hello Happiness”

2003-awarded Teacher Emeritus from Three in One Concepts Kinesiology Center

2005-awarded Advanced Toastmasters degree (International Communication Program)

2010-lecture at the International Convention for Specialized Kinesiology, Hungary

2011-2012-lectures and seminars at the UN in Vienna, Austria

2011-lectures at the Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

2015-2019 Seminars/lectures in the USA and Europe: focus:Metamorphosis-Kinesiology

2019-Consultant for The Goulding Process- Sleep Talk

2020-International Association of Counsellors Therapists (IACT)


Contribution to the Videocongress on 20 June 2020:

Transcript of the Contribution:

Good morning, good afternoon wherever you are in the world and thank you, Tomas, for getting this great group of people together and organizing this wonderful congress. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How will we spend it? Will it be in fear and trepidation and stress or in peace and love and feeling unified?

World UNITY Week

Starting today, we‘re celebrating a week of international world unity. What does that mean? How do we get there? How do you contribute to the unity on the planet today, tomorrow and into the future? The unity for the world starts within each one of us. What role will you personally play? What role will your family, your town or city, your country play in the world unity and peace? The main theme of this Congress is the unity, that is bringing together the various disciplines of health modalities under one cooperative umbrella.


I am sure you don‘t have to be reminded about how stressful the world has become when we review the events of the past few months. Who hasn‘t been stressed when our very way of life has been suddenly ripped from us? These very abrupt changes in our way of being have created fear, emotional and physical pain, and fear of more pain – which is the fear of the future, fear of the unknown. All of this change and stress creates a heavy burden on the body and especially on the immune system. This can eventually lead to dis-ease, disunity within the body, the mind and it can perhaps even lead to death. The problem: we are lacking unity within the body, within the mind, within the emotions, within the total being.

Where does stress come from? Can you buy a can of stress? Stress is an emotion we generate when an event occurs which we feel we can‘t handle. We feel it in our muscles, we feel it in our stomach. This takes us out of living in present time, because we‘re worrying about the past or worrying about the future; we have a fear of the future. Stress is our killer. We spend a large portion of our lives living in the stress mode, especially in today‘s fast-paced, challenging world. How do we get so far out of touch with our bodies, with our emotions, with our minds?


With specialized kinesiology we can gently and quickly identify and remove the stressful memories which are locked deeply within our cellular and within our muscular memory. When we‘re able to do this, then we become more in tune, more unified, and then we can enjoy life even under the most challenging circumstances – which we certainly have lately.


What are your greatest fears? As a child growing up in the 40s and 50s my greatest fear was that the Russians would bomb us and we would have to go to the basement of our schools for air raid drills. In 1991 when I started teaching doctors in Russia, I found the most kind and loving people I‘d ever met. People are basically good and they have the same basic needs and emotions all over the world. What are the fears that you have locked deeply within your cellular memory? In our work, we believe that fears are mostly developed in early childhood and we have thousands and thousands of belief systems locked deeply within our computers, such as ‘I can‘t, I won‘t, I don‘t, I‘m not good enough, I‘m too rich, I‘m too poor, I‘m too fat, I‘m too thin’. All of these belief systems create the fears that we have, and if we don‘t handle these fears of early childhood, they become our addictions in present time. We become addicted to many things. We can become addicted to sugar, chocolate, people, to a place or location, to alcohol or whatever it is. Perfectionism can also be an addiction. When we have an addiction, we have to have that thing all the time and if we don‘t have it, then we just have to resort to something to make us feel good in present time because of all that fear and pain of the past. If we don‘t handle the base root of those addictions, they become our obsessions. We‘re obsessed. ‘Will I have enough alcohol, will I have enough protection in my life, will I have enough sugar, will I have enough chocolate?’ These obsessions then take over our lives and the obsessions are our fear of the future. What are the fears you have?

At this time in our history we are facing our greatest fears and they become either created or enhanced. Fear of death. How many people today on the planet have fear of death? Fear of the future, fear of illness, fear of people, fear of socializing with other people, fear of another race, another culture, another country? How many people have fear of germs, fear of infection? If someone sneezes or coughs and you‘re out shopping, you go into a panic now. ‘Do they have the virus? Am I going to get it?’ That is a great fear in the world today. How many people today have fear concerning their jobs, losing their job, not finding another job? How many people feel insecure today, so they have a fear of security? Our children today take on the fears of their parents. And if the parents are feeling insecure, the children will feel insecure, too.

How many of us have fear of authority, and especially of trusting authority? The authorities tell us to do one thing, and then the next day they change their minds and they tell us to do something else. How can we trust authority and how can we find the truth and whose truth is right? We can‘t even trust our own authority, because today we believe this and now that whole world is upside down. What do we believe? We may have a fear of our own authority in addition to fearing all those people out there, who are supposed to be our authority, but are always changing their minds. How do we trust and who do we trust?

Another great fear today is the fear cleanliness. You must have your hand sanitizer with you all the time so you don‘t pick up the virus. I‘ve had students and clients with such a fear of cleanliness that the skin on their hands is deteriorating because they‘re cleansing so much.

How can we just balance the respect for the certain things without having the fear take over and destroy our lives? Because these fears take us out of present time; we can‘t enjoy what‘s around us right now. How many of you have fear of listening to the morning news? It‘s always pretty destructive and negative. ‘I have to turn it on, I have to get the news, I have to know what‘s happening in the world today’. But maybe sometimes we just need to go into air without the news.

Fear of travel. That‘s the big one of one of my friends. His father died in Germany. He‘s in New Jersey and he went to make a reservation and it was over $2,000. There are all kinds of problems connected with the fear of travel. We had enough fear of travel before we started the whole last scenario, but think about fears people have now every time to get on an airplane. ‘Am I going to catch the virus? What are the regulations I have to go through, what if I get stuck in another country?’ It‘s a great fear today, fear of travel. It takes us out of present time.

Another great fear is financial – all around. Will we have a financial collapse. What about the whole financial situation of the world? What if it collapses? How many people have that fear? How will it affect your business? What about you? Do you have enough money to pay your bills? If you‘re in lockdown how can you earn money? How can you possibly survive?

Public speaking is a huge fear of today. I had such a fear of public speaking, I would be up all night worrying about getting a five-minute speech in college, and now when someone asks me to talk, well, what would you like to talk me to talk about? How long? How many days? We have a fear of going shopping, we have a fear of dining out, we have a fear of speaking, of censoring, of being censored by the media, or what will my friends think if I post this. It‘s a great fear. We also have a fear of technology. I did this morning, for example, when our server went down. Fortunately, my daughter was here to take care of that.

What are your greatest fears? Where does that leave you? Are you living constantly in the past or fear of the future? Or are you able to enjoy today no matter what the challenges are? How can you really work with the fears?

In specialized kinesiology, we can help our students and our clients release stress contributing to the blockages that create problems in many areas. We work with such areas as panic attacks, depression, fear, addictions, obsessions, anchors, self-esteem, relationships, communication, coordination, learning challenges, hearing, public speaking, obesity, headaches, skin disorders, backache, exhaustion, accidents, hormone imbalances, and countless other physical mental and emotional problems. We use muscle testing, which is like biofeedback, and we are then able to identify the root cause going back in time. Through simple exercises we are then able to very gently release the stress that‘s connected to the fear. The memory may not just go away, but the stress does, so that we can function positively.

Now at this great time of crisis, it‘s more important than ever for us to step forward and become the dynamic leaders. In this great time of change – regardless of race, religion, culture, age, nationality, politics, location – we must step forward. It is time to let go our fear and replace it with a strong commitment to love and to help humanity so that we can make the positive changes within ourselves, have that unity in the world around us to create those great changes. Where is our focus? Wherever our energy flows, that‘s where the focus goes, and it gets magnetized in the world. If we are able to get rid of those limitations then we‘re able to free our imaginations to create those viable, positive solutions to help solve humanity‘s great problems. With that collective dynamic energy we can create the most beautiful world that is wonderful for our children to grow up in. We can manifest it. How are you moving forward today?


We can prepare ourselves for dealing with the challenges by taking care of our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual beings, and you know how to do that. When you are in balance and unified, the creative ideas will flow. Let those ideas come to you – awake or sleeping. Let us be the dynamic force, that helps to change the world.


Can you imagine a world where all children are nourished, cared for and loved? Where abundance is enjoyed by all? Can you imagine a world where the citizens are all free to pursue their dreams in a world filled with peace and love? United we stand together. Let‘s create unity within ourselves and then together we can say goodbye to stress and hello to happiness. Thank you.