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Tomáš Pfeiffer, Institute for TCIM/CAM, professional chamber Sanator - Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka

BIOTRONICS - Hope in Sickness for the 21st century

Tomáš Pfeiffer - Czech Republic

Philosopher, biotronicist, director of the professional chamber Sanator - Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka, founder and director of the Institute for TCIM/CAM.

Thank you very much for the insight that brings spirituality into our world. Spirituality is important. And the next contribution will also be very much related to the area of spirituality. It is entitled: "Biotronics – Hope in Sickness for the 21st Century".

Let me start it with a quote: "The only possible medical art is to cure the patient, no matter how it is done." This was said by none less than Hippocrates, whose oath is honoured by every doctor nowadays. At the beginning of all knowledge is experience. The most powerful experience is the personal one. Away from the busy streets of the world, a flower has bloomed in Prague, which I am bringing to you now as a gift. Perhaps because flowers are meant to be cared for and watered. And not only because we may need them ourselves. Please, smell it. After all, one out of three or two of us will be affected by cancer these days. Are we really sure that we do not need this flower? And now the contribution.

The title of my contribution is "Biotronics - Hope in Sickness for the 21st Century". Currently, there is a sharp increase in cancer cases across the world. This proves that the cause of this disease has not been found yet, therefore we are unable to significantly influence this cause, despite undeniable successes in trying to prolong the life of a patient. In the Czech Republic, during my lifetime, the incidence of cancer has risen from 10 000 to almost 100 000 new cases a year. The increase of 900 percent. This number illustrates the urgency of the situation. In my presentation, I will show a possible different perspective on this issue. It is supported by the practical results of my field - Biotronics.

Biotronics originated in Prague after year 1945.
Its principles are formulated by Mr. Josef Zezulka on the basis of his deep philosophical knowledge. Biotronics originated in Prague after year 1945. Its principles are formulated by Mr. Josef Zezulka on the basis of his deep philosophical knowledge. Biotronics belongs to the field of energy or spiritual healing. It is based on the existence of biological forces that accompany every living matter, and by the appropriate application of these forces, the functions of organs, cells and the body as a whole can be influenced. Mr. Zezulka created the comprehensive system of biological forces description, biotronic pathology and the educational system for future biotronicists - magnetisers and sanators.

"If we ask ourselves what a disease is, we can say that it is a disturbance of the equilibrium state - homeostasis. Its consequence is a loss or weakness of natural defensive resistance of the body against external and internal influences, weakness of the vital forces of the body and the consequent weak, poor or chaotic functioning of the internal organs", writes Josef Zezulka in his contribution to the International Omnibus of the International Symposium Prague 1973. Subsequently, he proves the effectiveness of the field that he created with his therapeutic results. He had remarkable success in treating a wide range of diseases - these included tumors, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, and many other diagnoses with a predominant cause in vital-force deficiency.

In the spirit of the congress motto "Health knows no boundaries - let's seek what unites us", I present these important case studies to your attention:

Mr. Stanislav, a patient hospitalized in the inpatient ward of the hospital in Vimperk
with the diagnosis of carcinoma ventriculi and colostomy, in the terminal stage of the disease. Mr. Stanislav, a patient hospitalized in the inpatient ward of the hospital in Vimperk with the diagnosis of carcinoma ventriculi and colostomy, in the terminal stage of the disease, unable to get out of bed, not taking food. He was treated biotronically by Josef Zezulka for fourteen days. Full revitalisation occurred. The patient got out of bed, started to take food and rapid epithelialisation occurred at the colostomy outlet which closed spontaneously without the intervention of a surgeon. The intestine reconnected so that the stool passes through the rectum again – as indicated it the medical report. The year was 1982.

patient with multiple sclerosis Video: "I got multiple sclerosis, I got it when I was about nineteen years old. My parents, specifically my dad, had to carry me – as I say – to carry me to the toilet, to the bathroom, to the table to eat, to the dining room and so on, because, it was like nothing, it was impossible (to walk). It was like: Find her place somewhere where she will just live like that or where she will continue to vegetate. When I put it like that, they just wrote me off and said: Sorry, there is nothing we can do about it, we are not up to it. And then, after he (Mr. Zezulka) was with me for several times, I was able to walk like this with my dad, for example – I held his hands and I walked from my room to the living room and back, for example. Just if there were not, say, my parents and him, well, I would not be here today, or I would be just somewhere completely finished, in a nursing home just lying there. Or not lying anymore. Yeah, I am kind of… I think it is because of him that I was born for the second time or something like that, because in the hospital, they just wrote me off."

So it was a highly positive experience. As with the last case that I am going to mention here:

patient with malignant tumor Video: "I had a malignant tumor in my body seven years ago, so I turned to him (Mr. Zezulka) and after ten visits, after ten treatments, I was completely fine. The tumour had actually disappeared completely on its own. It got smaller and smaller from visit to visit, until after those ten treatments it completely disappeared. So without any medical intervention, I am completely healthy again today. Well. My father-in-law was also treated biotronically by Mr. Zezulka. He had a malignant tumor on the left side of his brain and it manifested itself in the fact that he lost his stability and had digestive problems, it was really very bad. Mr. Zezulka cured my father-in-law too, well, again within those ten, maybe twelve treatments – it is ten years ago now, and I must say that my father-in-law is enjoying excellent health and it is, if you do not encounter it in person, it is something supernatural for you, the kind of thing that probably very few people, if you do not encounter it that directly, very few people will believe it. And so by experiencing it first-hand, like that, it changes you – it somehow changes your attitude towards people – it makes you simply different, different because you was actually born for the second time."

Mr. Zezulka understood the pathogenesis of tumor cell formation. Therefore, he always treated preferentially the cause of the disease and then, in the second part of the procedure, a tumour itself. A tumor is only the result of the underlying disease, this is common for all histological cases.

Among other things, Mr. Zezulka recognized the cause in insufficient excretion of carcinogens by the liver, in the faulty function of the brain morphological centres – that is why precancerous tumours are often benign – and also significantly in irritation of a cell – mechanical, chemical, hormonal, microbial, by radiation and other, which accelerates the metabolism of a cell leading to increased carcinogen deposition in the cell nucleus, also in relation to the permeability of cell membranes.

Genetics, he said, is relevant to only a small proportion of diagnoses. It is same for the immune system. Exhaustion, stress and immunity ease the disease pathway – but they are not the real cause of cancer. Similar to other possible life imbalances.

In treatment, it is necessary to consistently distinguish between the tumor process itself – that is the cause of the disease – and its manifestation to another cell. In this way we can get real prevention.

Mr. Zezulka promoted anti-carcinogenic diet – it was based on the fact that carcinogens are often formed when food is strongly heated, during smoking, roasting, frying – and so, for example, he banned smoked meat, salami, smoked cheese, ham, everything roasted, concoctions of roasted things like coffee, molta, cocoa, chocolate and also fried and baked food. In case of baked food – like bread – cut off the crust. And avoid canned food with benzoic acid, avoid exhaust fumes, avoid anything with tar, and do not sunbathe. The logic of that recommendation is clear. On the contrary, he recommended raw food – fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, and if any food is prepared in the kitchen, it desirably should contain water to dampen the force of fire applied to the food.

This diet was to be followed very strictly by all patients under the treatment because it was a condition of the treatment, though it is not curative itself, it is a palliative diet, the diet which makes the treatment possible. This diet applies to those who have a strong threat of tumor, or to those who have already developed tumor.

Despite the fact that Mr. Josef Zezulka was kept secret and censored throughout his life, we can find rare publications in which he was involved. Links can be found in the chat.

As his disciple and successor, let me also present other case studies:

inoperable adenocarcinoma of the stomach Mrs. Marie, inoperable adenocarcinoma of the stomach, operated in April 1991, she was found to have a large adenocarcinoma that was obstructing the patency of the stomach – it was attached to the back abdominal wall and it was also occupying the duodenum. A palliative procedure, stoma, was performed during surgery to restore patency. Any further oncological treatment was abandoned due to the extent of the tumour and poor health. She was released from a hospital with a prognosis of a maximum of two months survival. Biotronic treatment since 6th May 1991. She was brought to Prague three times a week by her family as she was unable to move on her own. A gradual improvement followed until she was declared fit for work. For nineteen years she did not need a doctor and did not take any medication. Nineteen years later, screening revealed a clearly circumscribed spherical mass 8 cm in size in the stomach area. She survived the disease by twenty-three years. (full video here)

radical surgery of melanoblastoma and sentinel nodes Another notable case, Mr. Josef. In May 2004 radical surgery of melanoblastoma and sentinel nodes, from April to June 2005 local and lymphatic progression, in July 2005 hyperthermic perfusion with chemotherapy, in February 2006 left lymph node redissection for further progression, in March 2006 PET scan – progression to groin and small pelvis. Palliative chemotherapy was performed in four cycles. Year 2007, discontinuation of cancer treatment due to permanent progression of the lesion Biotronic treatment from 2007 to 2010. Year 2010, PET scan without pathological findings. In October 2018 oncological follow-up check with favourable findings. Patient lives until now, seventeen years after diagnosis.

I think that if we observed even one case of such a successful change in the tumor process, it would be worthy of interest. After all, none of us, especially nowadays, knows if we will not need similar help. However, to make it available, certain effort is also needed.

Let me conclude with a methodological note. Statistics, when evaluating evidence, is the queen of scientific work along with references. If you search for diamonds, you can sift through billions of tons of rock and find none, yet jewellery stores are full of them. A study itself does not create reality; it only describes it. So, reality itself is independent of the study, unlike human knowledge. Scepticism protects us against error but in its unhealthy form it is the greatest obstacle on the path of knowledge.

biotronics - malignant tumor Video: Mrs H.: My mouth started to bleed.
Daughter: She left, went to the pulmonary clinic and there, when the head doctor found out that she was spitting up blood, they immediately transported her to the hospital. Mrs. H.: Mrs. Smítková, the head doctor, called me and said: "Mrs. Heldová, I do not have good news for you, there is a malignant tumor." And when I got my eighth chemotherapy, because they were taking our blood samples every day, they found out that my white blood cells were destroyed.
Daughter: She was so bad that after about two or three weeks they told us that mommy was not coming back from hospital at all.
Mrs. H. on Mr. Tomáš Pfeiffer's biotronic treatment: I have to hold on to that handrail as he has such energy in him, you know, that he will give you. And the first time I was here for those five days, Mr. Pfeiffer got me out of it. They (doctors) were taking my blood samples at home and my daughter called there for results and after a week of treatment the doctor said: "Mrs. Povová, mommy's blood cells are fine."
Daughter: She went there maybe every second month, she was there so often, and it was clearly visible how she wanted to live, how she wanted to be here, well, and a strong will.
Mrs. H.: So here I am, going to visit Mr. Pfeiffer. Well, and I am thirteenth year here, it has been thirteen years now."
(full video here)


Please do not take these case studies as a personal presentation, but as an attempt to show possibilities that are not very common.

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Tomáš Pfeiffer, Czech Republic

Tomáš Pfeiffer - Czech Republic

Philosopher, biotronicist, director of the professional chamber Sanator - Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka, founder and director of the Institute for TCIM/CAM

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BIOTRONICS - Hope in Sickness for the 21st century

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