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Mgr. Miloslava Rutová, Czech Republic

Mgr. Miloslava Rutová - Czech Republic

Facilitator and Therapist of One Brain Kinesiology, Member of the Czech Parliament

Kinesiology – the endless possibilities

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Kinesiology – the endless possibilities

Mgr. Miloslava Rutová

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Mgr. Miloslava Rutová

Facilitator and Therapist in One Brain Kinesiology Method, Methods of Transformation and therapist of Family Constellations.

She collaborated with the founders of the One Brain Kinesiology Method, Daniel Whiteside, Gordon Stokes, Carol Ann Hontz. Founder of private kinesiology consultation centre and Elpida School in Pilsen. Since 2010 member of the Three in One Faculty for the Czech Republic. A student of Austrian lecturers, Mr. And Mrs. Polívka, in the field of Family Constellations, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (since 2016).

She was born in northwest Bohemia two years after the World War II ended. She graduated from high school and from the library school and took a job. She felt an urgent need to help people. She found herself in working with disabled children. While working, she studied and graduated from Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem and Special Education from Charles University in Prague. She was armed with theoretical knowledge, but how can she really help those unfortunate people around who don‘t know what to do with their lives? And then, in 1994, One Brain Kinesiology entered her life. Kinesiology leads to love not only for itself and its surroundings, but for all living on Earth. She had the honor to meet and collaborate with founders of this method, Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stokes. Her first teacher was Carol Ann Hontz. Since this meeting, her life has taken a different direction. She studied the method, started applying it intensively, giving lectures in various Czech towns and teaching it. She established a kinesiology consultation centre in Pilsen, where she worked with her husband Jiří Racek, and which still operates today

She became a representative of the Three In One Faculty with the right to teach even the highest levels of the One Brain course. Her school Elpida has been attended by people not only from the Czech Republic, but also from all over Europe. She found working with people incredibly fulfilling and she felt it was her task in this world. She thanks every day for being able to meet kinesiology.

Another effective method of helping people, that she uses, is Family Constellations Method. She completed a three-year training of Family Constellations with Austrian lecturers, Mr. And Mrs. Polívka.

In 2014 she was elected to the City Council of Pilsen and in 2016 she became a Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, where she works now. She works in the Social Policy Committee and in the Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. She is a member of the Government Council for Seniors and Population Ageing at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


Contribution to the Videocongress on 20 June 2020:

Transcript of the Contribution:

I would like to thank you for this nice invitation, I never thought I would be in such company.

Experts, such as professor Strunecka, my first One Brain teacher, Carol Ann Hontz, and the London professor who was so kind as to invite me to tomorrow’s Yoga Day have spoken before me, and I greet them warmly.

I never thought I would ever talk in company like this.

Special Pedagogy

My original profession is a special pedagogy. I have dedicated my whole life to working with children and working with children with disabilities.

I studied at and graduated from two universities in order to be able to give children what I thought they needed. But unfortunately, that was not it.

In the meantime, a revolution took place in our country and the door to various alternatives opened up. I jumped at them – Silva‘s method, reiki, yoga. It was all great, but I could not apply it to the children at school.

Kinesiology One Brain

Not until one day, when I opened Teacher’s Journal and saw ‘Kinesiology One Brain – Endless Possibilities’. I was looking at it, I did not know what to think about it. But once I had finished reading the article, I clearly knew that this was what I wanted for the children, I wanted to be able to work with them in this way.

I want to work with them in a way so that they can stand up for their lives, so that they are not full of fear, as my teacher Carol said, so that they can be confident, so that they can, despite all the difficulties in the world nowadays, just get over it. And I am thankful every day that I came across this method, because it has changed my life. But it did not change just my life, it changed the lives of those kids, too.

I worked with children and their fear every day. Either their fear of animals or of school, of parents, of the unknown. And the children improved. And I think that our future is in children. Everything we have heard so far is clearly no longer aimed at us, because we, including myself, have already lived our lives. It is aimed at children, because children are our future.

Platform 2020 Prague

I feel what Mr. Pfeiffer is establishing here with the Platform, the unity. This unity that we can pass on. We can give it not only to adults, but especially to children, and moreover to unborn children. If we ourselves are in unity, in the unity withothers then, as we all know, what we send, we will also receive.

And the unity is really what all the good people around us care about. I am not going to dwell on any Covid or any fears at all, because it is just a chimera. After all, we have goodness inside us. Goodness that we can pass on, and I am incredibly grateful for this, that there are such people among us who have invited me here, that I have the honor of knowing you and that all of you care about what I care about. About goodness being spread further.

Whether it is Ayurveda or yoga, or whatever, kinesiology, Dr. Strunecka with her Poison Age and with her many publications that I have read. That is what mankind, what our fellow citizens, need.

I am originally from Pilsen. I started teaching kinesiology, which I have been doing for 25 years. I cooperate with Carol Ann Hontz. I also used to work with the founders of this method, with Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stoks, and now it is paying off.

A lot of people have attended courses and those people are spreading it further. Daniel always said: ‘It is like throwing a stone into a lake and seeing it spreading.’

It is spreading further and I feel that this Platform is the stone being thrown into a lake. Being from Pilsen, I said to myself: ‘I need to put the method and the alternatives where they belong.’ And I did not feel that they could be spread from Pilsen. I needed to get them somewhere higher. So, I went into politics. And I did not go there to change any laws. I went there mainly to pass this on, I feel it is my internal duty to manage it at a parliamentary level, so that people would finally think better of it. As I can see that it works in other countries, why should it not work in our country as well?

Petition in Support of Biotronics

That is why I was so happy that the petition was received by the Committee on Petitions and that we had a round table meeting on alternative medicine with Mr. Pfeiffer. And I really thank him from the bottom of my heart for his efforts. And thank you to all of you, too.

I am not going to talk any further because I am so full of it. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone, everyone. And I wish you all, your countries, your families and your loved ones only the best and thank you once again for the invitation.